This company knows how to get investor eyeballs

ppculnty03 at ppculnty03 at
Sun Jun 23 09:31:16 PDT 2013

Stay equipped for Big Trading run!!! We did see it lately as 
short sellers manipulation try to start confusion to sellers 
to dump all of their stock at record low levels and yesterday 
was another attempt... What they created was set up a Massive 
profit opportunity for us long and strong traders. With solid 
fundamentals and big headlines ready to hit the portals, HA 
IR must swiftly pop reaching top levels asap. We are 
obviously grabbing this chance to add and keep our holdings 
long period for Huge returns. We warned you to anticipate the 
Big Rally and its coming! The actual share cost recently hit 
the lowest level, now its time to purchase as plenty as you 
could!!! Large developments are coming. Just analyze whats 
developing with the YouTube promotions. Youtube has become a 
valuable affiliate for client acquisition for HA IR. Gigantic 
developments approaching and today is the time to buy, when 
the stock value hits the low you better get as much as you 

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