It Is our New Alert

olaf at olaf at
Wed May 15 05:13:39 PDT 2013

Purchaseover agreement for $1.70 per unit on G_T R_L is 
secured. A deal that is valuated lates lows has got what 
appears to be few purchaseover requests. And no I'm not 
making this up... the buyout agreement is secured! The offer 
will unroll in August driving the share cost to greater 
$1.70. The major movie company is excited with G_T R_L's 
economic model that's why they are willing to buy $1.70 per 
stock. Until this is tip, you should purchase $13'000 today 
and cashin $1'000'000 in August while the major cinematic 
player should aquire at $1.70 from you! Trade $13'000 value 
of G_T R_L on Wednesday, May 15th!

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