Offer of a Virtual Machine for LispOS

Bill House
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 21:49:14 -0700

I have been following the discussions about creating a Linux-based Lisp machine with great interest. We have an agent-oriented
database (called AgentBase) that runs on a Lisp virtual machine. The VM has already been ported to the UNIX, MacOS and WinTel
platforms. Because of the inclusion of database semantics, the AgentBase scripting language (SmartLisp) is not exactly Common
Lisp (it's perhaps closer to Scheme), but my collegues and I believe that it would be a worthy addition to your efforts. Also,
as a small start-up company, the idea of having our VM critiqued by a dedicated bunch of CS experts is attractive. 

FWIW, on the WinTel platform, our VM already out-performs the leading high-level languages, including M$'s new native compiler
for VB5.  It also handles very large databases, dynamic, programmable schemas, has a C function API, full mark and sweep GC,
uses a highly-efficient 32-bit instruction set and is architected to support multiple dialects. If a Lisp myth-basher is the
goal, AgentBase could be one of your enabling technologies.

Just to be clear, DAZ is not in the tools business. We make datamining applications using AgentBase. Our commercial interest is
simply that public perception of Lisp be improved, and that the incredible utility of Lisp-based, agent-oriented databases be
brought into the open. The LispOS project has the potential to accomplish both of these ends. Thus, we want to support it in
the best way that we can -- by making our VM available to LispOS. 


Bill House
Director of Engineering
DAZ Systems, Inc.