lispOS and persistent store

Marcus Daniels
25 Apr 1997 18:44:46 -0700

>>>>> "KM" == Kelly Murray <kem@Franz.COM> writes:

KM> Start with Linux, and run a lisp based web server that has
KM> persistent objects on top of Linux.  Make everything use
KM> persistent objects, don't use the file system.  This means even
KM> source code is not kept in files!

KM> This means we must have a new object-based "module" system.

Does anyone know about object oriented database technology?  Surely
there must be some free libraries that could be wired up to CLOS
without too much pain.  Does this approach work very well, or do the
modern commercial implemenations need a proprietary system tightly
integrated with the Lisp implementation?

Why not hook up a checkpointing system into the thread scheduler?  Did
any of the Lisp machines do this?  I can imagine how checkpointing might fit
with Mach's external pagers...