Using CL with Linux or Hurd

Richard Coleman
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 22:20:10 -0400

> Awhile ago I withdrew the previous release and a new release is due
> out in mid-May.  Internally, the OSKit is now lots more functional.
> Currently we have most of a "Java computer" running, because since
> February we have added new libraries providing major components like
> socket based networking from FreeBSD, the NetBSD ffs filesystem, and
> the x-kernel network protocol framework.  Our device support is now
> more flexible and sophisticated.  A simple, nearly pthreads-compatible
> threads library is almost done.  The major missing thing today is
> display support, but we are making progress there, working on
> providing X, which should be available in May.  Eventually we will
> have a lighter-weight display system, but are not sure what we will
> base it on.
> I am also willing to commit to help you guys by having our experts
> here answer questions, and, other things being equal, to slant Utah
> development efforts in directions that you need.
> We have just added some pretty pictures and outline of the components
> in a Java-oriented page hanging off the oskit page:
> Jay Lepreau,, +1-801-581-4285.

Excellent... this looks like a very promising option.  In light is this
new info, I consider this a better option than using a Linux base.

There is still the Hurd option, which needs more investigation.

Richard Coleman