organizational stuff...

Michael Korns
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 21:57:41 -0700


We could commit machines and resources, but we would have to know to what
end the resources are being committed?

Could we all agree to design a Lisp, SmallTalk, Java, etc. VM which would
allow commercial operation across the Web? If we could reach agreement on
that initial goal, then writing one or more LispOS's to the VM, targeting
one or more versions of CLOS, Scheme, Smalltalk, etc, to the VM, are all
fine with us.

If we feel that the next step is to request resource committments, then I
think it is time for us all to make a decision as to whether the core (but
not necessarily the final) goal of this project is a commercial Universal
Web enabled VM standard capable of supporting Lisp, Scheme, Java, CLOS,
etc. A simple yes or no vote from all concerned would be a step in the
right direction.

> From: Richard Coleman <>
> To:
> Subject: organizational stuff...
> Date: Saturday, April 26, 1997 5:50 PM
> ok... the question of how to organize the
> project has come up...  that's a tough one..
> Assuming this get started, I had thought that
> a `core' group would arise that would be in
> charge... similar to how the various BSD projects
> (and maybe the Debian project) are run.
> The question is how to start this?  Who gets
> to make the initial decisions?
> I started this discussion, and created the
> mailing list, but how do we take the next step?
> People who have the skills and will commit code
> will need to speak up.
> The important thing now is resources.... who
> will create a CVS repository for this work?  I have
> machines that we can use, but that would only give
> us about 600 or 700 meg of space to start with...
> I'm not sure how long that would last....
> But whoever has the CVS repository will need to give
> out commit privileges.... so at least initially they
> will have to decide who works on the project... and
> hence who is making the decisions.
> Richard Coleman