Slow down!!

Richard Coleman
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 03:41:25 -0400

>   I think everyone is in too big a hurry here. This discussion only
> started, what, four days ago? Already people are talking about "binding
> votes" and resource commitments. I think we need to come up with WHAT
> we want to accomplish, WHY we want to accomplish that, HOW we think we
> can succeed at that long before we start voting.

Don't worry... although the disussion has been proceeding quickly over
many topics, I don't believe we have decided on anything yet.  At this
point, a web page containing information on the various alternatives
and information about them, would be a good idea.

But I believe you characterize the various camps quite accurately.
Coming to a consensus on goals will be difficult, but is not impossible.
Ultimately, the person that does the work has the final say-so.

As to why anyone would want to do any of those projects?  personally...
why not?  I like lisp and think it would be a cool project.  I don't have
any delusions of overthrowing Linux... but considering there is definitely
interest here, we most definitely can create something interesting, and
possibly useful...

Richard Coleman