thinking about virtual machines

P. Srinivas
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 11:32:05 -0600

>P. Srinivas,
>Could you get references to these papers for us. Also how does one best
>contact Per Bothner @ Cygnus to discuss the Scheme implementation on Java?

  Here is the reference:

	AI memo 1576, date unknown, 9 pages, available online as 

	    Supporting dynamic languages on the Java virtual machine 

	By Olin Shivers 

	In this note, I propose two extensions to the Java virtual machine 
        (or VM) to allow dynamic languages such as Dylan, Scheme and 
        Smalltalk to be efficiently implemented on the VM. These 
        extensions do not affect the performance of pure Java programs on 
        the machine. The first extension allows for efficient encoding 
        of dynamic data; the second allows for efficient encoding of 
        language-specific computational elements. 

	Keywords: MIT, Java, Dynamic languages, virtual machines, data 
                 representations, microcode, extensible architecture, 
                 Dylan, Scheme, Smalltalk 

    Here is the ftp address:

    In case anybody has trouble downloading, I can putup my copy for you.

	As for contacting Per Bothner @ Cygnus, we can probably
	send him a e-mail describing our effort and ask for his comments,
	specifically in the light of his experience in Scheme in JAVA
	implementations. I do not know how much interested he is in our 
        effort. But he probably can send his views.