Newton references

Rainer Joswig
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:41:54 +0200

The Newton OS has everything you will want:

- VM for a highly dynamic language (NewtonScript)
  (you can get the VM specification from Apple)
  It runs on ARM, the Mac, and maybe on the PC
- compiler to VM code is part of the OS
- compilation of some NewtonScript code to native code is possible

- persistent object store (soups)
  Object are called Frames.
  Frames have slots.
  Frames can be stored in "soups". A soup is a collection of frames.
  Soups reside on a store.
  Union soups are logical groupings of soups.
  Soups are automatically indexed - additional indexes can be created.
  Soup queries return a cursor.

And best of all, a compiler for C/C++ has yet to appear as a product. ;-)

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