lispOS and persistent store

Andreas Eder
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 14:15:35 +0200

Richard Coleman:
>If I had to pick a direction now (and ultimately someone will have to do
>this), I would narrow it down to this:
>1) CMU-CL    (or)
>2) scheme48  (or)
>3) guile
>1) Flux toolkit
>2) Hurd
>using the native filesytem.  But is would be nice to have a standard
>facility for persisten objects available.  There are probably plenty of
>free databases that can be used for this.

Iwould tend for CMU-CL. It is a proven base and it generates very,
very good code. (Remember, it has to be fast!)
And why use the native file-system? Ok, for a start I would accept
that, but except for some very basic machinery, filesystems are not so
much an OS thing. You can easily have different ones -  and I think
they should be implemented in Lisp, as should eventually be the whole
system from the ground up. First because it is more fun and then,
because we all agree, that it would ease maintenance a lot. No more C

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