LispOS already under development?

Michael Korns
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:21:16 -0700


> I propose, therefore, that we 
> a) help Per Bothner to improve Kawa on the JVM until it is
> feature-comaptible with Guile.
> b) help Olin Shivers, IBM, GNU and whoever else is interested to improve
> the JVM until it can run dynamic language code efficiently.
> c) help GNU to port Emacs onto Guile/Kawa.
> d) make some really kick-butt applications and libraries for Lisp in
> JVM.
> Rather than isolating ourselves from the mainstream, we should thrust
> ourselves into the middle of it and show them how much better our
> technology is. Otherwise, 2 years from now we'll be asking: "Why is TCL
> still so popular? Lisp on LispOS is so much better. Sure, you can't use
> these apps on other operating systems. Sure, you can't run apps from
> other operating systems on it (efficiently), but it is still *better*."
> For once, let's take the Larry Wall approach. I want to be able to hack
> in Lisp (and even get paid for it!) within my lifetime.

My company is ready and willing to join you in this effort. Can you send me
URL's and email addresses where we can find more information and sign up.
We have resources to commit and code to port.