two co-existing projects

Richard Coleman
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 00:18:52 -0400

> > 1) Group 1 develop a high level virtual machine tailored
> >    to dynamic languages in general, and lisp/scheme in
> >    particular.  It would support web or agent based computing,
> >    and allow some form of JIT translation of Java (without
> >    necessarily needing to be a superset of the JVM).
> We would like to participate in this group. When do we start?
> > 2) Group 2 would begin development of a running lispOS.  Using
> >    an existing virtual machine based Common Lisp implemetation,
> >    they would strap this directly on the new version of the
> >    Flux toolkit (due in May).  This group would track Group 1,
> >    and evolve the lispOS to support the virtual machine developed
> >    by the previous group.
> We would love to share info with this group and get the benefit of their
> new OS when it is ready.

At this point, it seems time for the list to split into 2 mailing lists.
I can create another list for the work on virtual machines.  Unless
someone has a better name, I'll call it  Then
the lispos list can be used for the CMU-CL/Linux/Flux work.