VM fast enough?

Michael Korns mkorns@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:28:56 -0700


> a) What's a "quad"?

Imagine a modern portable compiler. At some point the compiler is ready to
generate code. Since it is a portable compiler, there are several code
generators available. The code generation ready tokens are usually "quads".
They are named quads because they each have four parts: opcode, source1,
source2, target. By elevating the quads to first class objects and
supporting an emulation option in addition to the many code generators
available, you get an efficient VM IFF the original portable compiler was
both portable and efficient.

> b) AgentBase smells nice so far. Is there any technical data on the Web?
>    I'm afraid I have absolutely no commercial potentials, seeing as I
>    live on UKP 5 a week (10 dollars?), which I still spend on sweets and
>    comics, but I'm interested!

For technical details on AgentBase, I refer you to Bill House
bhouse@dazsi.com. He can send you copies of the manual. As for the big
bucks. I love money, but I love techies too. In fact I am a techie.
Besides, you already passed the first name test, so you can do no wrong.