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Andreas Eder are@laphroig.mch.sni.de
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 10:12:23 +0200

Mike McDonald:
> Would you support X for
>displaying remote apps? Or JAVA? Or HTML? How about all of those
>Windoze apps?
I would say: X       - certainly
	     HTML    - sure
	     JAVA    - maybe
	     Windoze - certainly not

I do think that we should support various standards, such as X for
example. The X protocol could certainly be implemented in Lisp in a
much nicer way than is currently done in the C implementations, After
all, it is just a protocol, so why not implemeent it in Lisp? And it
opens up the world to applications on other machines.
Another thing is that we certainly need TCP/IP. Why not implement
that in Lisp, too; I heard of several implementations in SML that were
faster than current C implementations! As I know of first hand
experience, current C implementations on Unix are a mess!

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