two co-existing projects

Alexey Goldin
29 Apr 1997 09:37:20 -0500

Andreas Eder <> writes:

> I opt for rewriting LAPACK (and other libs like QUADPACK) in
> Lisp. Let's show them how powerful and fast Lisp can be. This would
> make it possible to integrate that numerical libraries and symbolic
> libraries like mma (from R. Fateman) into a powerful scientific
> workstation. Throw in a TeX in Lisp system - what else do you want?
> I certainly would be glad to work in a port of LAPACK to Lisp. That's
> just what I pondered over last week, before this thread about a LispOS
> started.

This may be a start of the third coexisting project --- applications
in Lisp ;-). To which I would gladly contribute. Except that I have to
note that rewriting existing stuff that was written by very
knowledgable in their area people may be not a very good idea even if
they wrote it in Fortran. This is (rewriting and reinventing the
wheel) is after all what Microsoft is doing all the time.