EuLisp (was Re: two co-existing...)

Marc Wachowitz
Tue, 29 Apr 97 20:28:18 +0200

Richard Coleman < wrote:
> What about Eulisp?  It has threads support.  The FAQ doesn't mention
> a Linux version, but says that it should be easy to port.

The free EuLisp implementation EuLysses works out of the box for my Linux
(486 with the Suse distribution, which is Slackware-based; kernel 2.0.11).
See, where eul-0.9.tar.gz is EuLysses
and defn-0.99.{dvi,ps}.gz is the language specification (some more docs
in the WG directory). Forget the html stuff over there, it's incomplete.

If EuLisp will be used, and if I'd get the ok from the authors, I'm
willing to make Texinfo from this, if necessary even from the PostScript
source code (not too hard given pstotext output and a printed copy for
ambiguities), though I guess if they'd allow me to do that, they'd also
hand out the original (La?)TeX source code for that purpose.

EuLysses compiles to a byte-code VM, and the byte-codes can be compiled
to static C data structure and linked into the system. It uses Boehm's
conservative GC. I didn't look closely at their VM, but if EuLisp is
seriously considered around here, I could try to find out what they're
doing and report back (I don't mean I want to do this to save one or two
people reading the code for themselves ;-).

-- Marc Wachowitz <>