virtual machine

Martin Cracauer
Tue, 29 Apr 97 22:02:28 +0200

Andreas Eder writes:
> There is so much talk about VMs now! (That's the Java virus I think)
> Do I remember right, if I state that CMUCL has the possibility to
> compile to byte-codes? And as far as I remember this was a portable
> byte-code format, so you could run the binary on Intel as well as
> Sparc, for example. And above that, you could mix byte-codes and
> native code quite easily, since there is a mechanism to specify
> whatshould be compiled an how.

The CMUCL bytecode file format in endian-dependent, there's .lbytef
for little-endian and .bytef. 

Could be changed, but I think this isn't a good idea anyway. I don't
think moving compiled files from Solaris/Sparc to Linux/x86 i worth
the performance peneality. And you had a CMUCL runtime on each machine
anyway, so why not recompile and that's it?

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