mikemac's proposal

Arthur A. Gleckler arthur@martigny.ai.mit.edu
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 08:31:03 -0700

Mike McDonald writes:
|    OK, here's my ideas on how we should proceed:

|      c) user apps
|        - editor. initially, use whatever editor suits you. Long term,
|  	implement an emacs style editor. We can either emulate elisp
|  	inorder to "borrow" the [X]emacs code base or we could start
|  	with hemlock (CMUCL's emacs editor), or build our own from
|  	scratch. (I'd guess it turns out to be a combination of 1 and
|  	3.)

Another editor worth considering is Edwin, which is part of MIT
Scheme.  It is a faithful implementation of Emacs and has a much nicer
programming model (more functional than imperative) than Emacs.