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       Debbie Sexton for emWare, Martha Felt Group
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   emWare Announces new Internet and Networking Capabilities for Embedded
   Manufacturers can now access, control and network embedded devices
   over the Internet with a 1K Web server
       EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Jose, Calif. - Sept. 29, 1997 -
       emWare, Inc., an embedded Internet software company, today
       announced new Internet and networking capabilities for its 1K
       embedded device Web server. emWare produces the smallest embedded
       device Web server and the only solution that doesn't require an
       RTOS or TCP/IP stack to control, manage, acquire and deliver
       information to an embedded device. Using emWare's new emGateway
       software, manufacturers can network emWare-embedded devices and
       control them via the Internet, an intranet or lightweight networks
       such as RS485 or thin Ethernet.
       The new emGateway is part of emWare's Embedded Micro Internet
       Technology (EMIT) and is included in the new version 2.0 of
       emWare's software developer's kit. The small size of EMIT, as well
       as the visual development environment for creating graphical user
       interfaces, makes it a cost-effective and easy-to-implement
       solution for networking electronic devices.
       "emWare's extremely small size footprint in combination with
       strong Java and generic Web browser support, give manufacturers a
       low-cost, compelling solution for networking their products," said
       Rob Enderle, analyst at Giga Information Group. "emWare has
       extended the reach of the Internet to microcontrollers, something
       that many believed to be virtually impossible."
       "By combining emWare's expertise in embedded systems with Internet
       technologies, we are delivering the smallest, most flexible
       networking and interface solution for electronic devices," said
       Michael D. Nelson, CEO and co-founder of emWare. "For the first
       time, it's possible to access and control virtually any electronic
       device-either directly or over the Internet."
       Flexible options for networking electronic devices
       EMIT gives embedded device manufacturers and customers a variety
       of options to network electronic devices:
     * Direct connection. Using an emWare-enabled Web browser, a customer
       can directly connect to an embedded device via serial line,
       infrared signal, radio frequency or any other serial-related
     * Dial-up connection. Using an emWare-enabled Web browser, customers
       can use a standard telephone line and dial-up directly to the
     * Internet connection using standard Web browser. Customers can use
       a standard Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft
       Internet Explorer, without any additional software to access
       emWare enabled devices.
     * Internet connection using emWare-enabled browser. Customers using
       an emWare-enabled browser improve the speed of communication
       between the browser and device because less interface information
       is passed over the network. An emWare-enabled browser includes
       predefined interface information and control objects such as
       analog meters, knobs, graphs, etc. that reside at the client with
       the browser software.
   Small size reduces development costs
   Because EMIT requires minimal resources at the device-less than 1K of
   ROM and 30 bytes of RAM-manufacturers can significantly reduce their
   development costs. As much or as little of EMIT can reside on the
   device as developers need, giving them the flexibility to design a
   solution to fit their particular requirements. And because EMIT is
   based on open Internet standards, not on proprietary networking
   technologies, it is completely media- and protocol-independent.
   Visual development environment speeds development time
   The EMIT 2.0 Software Developer's Kit integrates Symantec's Visual
   Café with predefined Java objects from emWare. This rapid Java
   development environment allows developers to create device interfaces
   up to five times faster than using text-based coding.
   Visual Café uses drag and drop visual programming which is ideal for
   interface design. Developers can do much of their programming by
   dragging, dropping and linking and can easily adjust the properties of
   an interface component such as color, size and position. Visual Café
   also automatically generates the Java code that previously required
   tedious text-based coding.
   Pricing and Availability 
   The emWare Software Developers Kit provides an end-to-end
   solution--from the browser interface at the client, to the server
   software at the microcontroller. The kit is integrated with Symantec's
   Visual Café tools and includes the Atmel 8051 (AT89C2051)
   microcontroller. A single-user version is available for $1,250 (US) by
   calling emWare at (801) 256-3883. Package options can include
   consulting, training and technical support.
   About emWare
   emWare is the sole provider of embedded Internet software that runs on
   8 and 16-bit microcontrollers, without requiring an RTOS or TCP/IP
   stack. The company develops products based on open Internet standards
   that allow embedded device manufacturers to simplify the
   communications, use, management and commerce of their products. emWare
   was one of five companies to receive the Industry Choice Award at
   Internet Showcase in April 1997. The company is based in Salt Lake
   City, Utah.
   [INLINE] 1225 East Fort Union Blvd. Suite 220, Midvale, UT 84047 (801)
   256-3883 www.emware.com