a little life

ET emergent@eval-apply.com
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 13:55:28 -0400

I can make it available, give me a day or two.
It is mostly munging the unix support code to interface to the
posix compatability code in NT/95, so some things don't work
right (I'll bet sockets don't work right, and I think non-blocking
IO may be screwed up).  On the other hand, it does correctly
build cold images and the interpreter runs.

One of the interesting things about Scheme-48 is that the
bytecode interpreter is written in ``PreScheme'', a non-consing
scheme that compiles into a HUGE c function.  Pre scheme is
compiled with a compiler written  in scheme, so you can do
scheme all the way down to the metal.

Scheme-48 has an optimizing bytecode compiler, so it
can be pretty fast.

Scheme-48 has a few drawbacks, for instance, the GC is
rather primitive.

From: William A. Barnett-Lewis <wlewis@mailbag.com>
To: ET <emergent@eval-apply.com>
Cc: LispOS <lispos@math.gatech.edu>
Date: Wednesday, 09 July, 1997 13:10
Subject: Re: a little life


We could use a little life here ;>

Just wondering if you could make that win95 port of scheme-48 available?
I've been pondering using the T & BBN scheme code from the lisp archive
as a way to bootstrap up to common lisp. It could be interesting to
study what you've done there before getting too carried away.

Thanks for the effort & time.