Squeak paper

Dwight Hughes dwighth@intellinet.com
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 21:08:46 -0500

| From: ET <emergent@eval-apply.com>
| I have put up a paper on the devolpment of Squeek, a
| portable smalltalk system.  While it is smalltalk, it encompasses
| a number of the things we find interesting like generational scavenging
| and object oriented file systems.
| You can find it at
| http://www.eval-apply.com/LispOS/squeak.htm
| (note the URL is case sensitive)
| ~jrm

I've been playing with Squeak for several months but I didn't know about
this paper - thanks.

Only mentioned in the paper is the conversion of Squeak from the Model-
View-Controller UI model to a Morphic/Fabrik based UI model. Versions 1.20
and 1.21 of Squeak have a basically functional implementation of these
(enough to start to get the flavor of using the Morphic model). I think
the Morphic approach to UI design could be quite useful to LispOS also.

Morphic originated in the Self project: see "Prototype-Based Application
Construction Using SELF 4.0" M.Wolczko, R.B.Smith at
<http://self.smli.com/release/Self-4.0/Tutorial/index.html> and
"The Self-4.0 User Interface: Manifesting a System-wide Vision of 
Concreteness, Uniformity, and Flexibility" Randall B. Smith, John Maloney,
and David Ungar at <http://self.smli.com/papers/self4.0UserInterface.html>.

-- Dwight