Single Address Space OSs - papers

Dwight Hughes
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:41:11 -0500

| From: Dwight Hughes <>
| These OS projects are concentrating on 64 bit address spaces on
| 64 bit CPUs but should provide insights for LispOS nevertheless.
| Mungi project papers:
| <>
| Opal project papers:
| <>
| Sombrero project (and various SASOS links):
| <>

Although the Sombrero page above has a pointer to it, I would
like to call particular attention to the Grasshopper OS project:

They have developed some excellent and very general abstractions
for dealing with SAS/persistent OS issues. They have also given
some attention to the need to execute "conventional" Unix-style
programs (with their associated memory structures) within their
OS model. Check out:

"Grasshopper: An Orthogonally Persistent Operating System"
Report: GH-10
Authors: Alan Dearle, Rex di Bona, James Farrow, Frans Henskens,
Anders Lindstrom, John Rosenberg, Francis Vaughan 


"The Grand Unified Theory of Address Spaces" 
Report: GH-11
Authors: Anders Lindstrom, John Rosenberg, Alan Dearle

-- Dwight