The LispOS Project: a position paper, part 2

Chris Bitmead uid
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 16:20:19 +1000

>It is my humble opinion that the Linux source is as modular as the Mach
>kernel, it's just the built kernel that is "monolithic". It's all in the
>eye of the beholder...

Well Mach has documented, well thought out interfaces for controlling
memory management etc, so in that sense I guess it should form a
better basis.

But there are other considerations. Personally I'd like to see LispOS
run on top of various things.

>There is a "RT-Linux" project that runs above the normal kernel. It would 
>be trivial to add extensions, or to add a call-interface...

I would say that RT-Linux runs "below" the normal kernel. Just to
clarify for those who don't know, the normal Linux kernel is a
controlled process of the RT-kernel.