The LispOS Project: a position paper, part 2

Dwight Hughes
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 03:10:58 -0500

| From: Scott L. Burson <>
|    From: "Dwight Hughes" <>
|    Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 00:51:53 -0500
  [ snip ]
| 						  I don't have a
|    PowerMac/clone and they are not something one just scrapes
|    together out of some spare parts like, say, a i486 system.
|    The $ entry point from that point of view is rather higher
|    for a PowerMac/clone, and I think will be for many on this
|    list.
| Well, let's see, today in my local paper I see a 7100/80 (one of the
| Power Macs, no match for a new one speedwise but well beyond a 486)
| for $750 with no monitor.  The cheapest machine you can buy new that runs
| MkLinux today appears to be the 7200, which starts at $1300 sans monitor
| keyboard.  Support for more models is on the way.
| Are those prices really prohibitive?

Not terribly, but compare to having bits and pieces here and there,
from previous upgrades and such (yours or someone else's), which you scrape
together and put in a $50 box -- sort-of-instant i486. I have no love of
x86s, but they do cheap well - especially running a few generations behind.

-- Dwight