Real Time GC

Bill House
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 08:06:27 -0700

ET wrote:
> [snip decription of various GC issues]
>Do modern real-time GC's suffer these same problems?  I would think
>the replicating GC would work nicely.
What do you think of the L approach (see -- being able to
declare a separate heap that is not GC'd?  Here's an excerpt from HB's message
regarding it:

The L system utilizes a simple stop and copy garbage collector. The
design strategy was too keep it simple and fast so that it runs
unnoticeably in small applications with small heaps. The structure of
L's implementation is such that multiple independent heaps can be
maintained within a single address space, sharing all the code and
data segments of Lisp proper. In this way super-critical portions of a
system can be placed in heap where no consing is occurring, and hence
there is no possibility that they will be blocked by garbage

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