Some heretic thoughts

Rainer Joswig
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 22:33:10 +0200

At 20:00 Uhr +0200 07.06.1997, Thomas Fischbacher wrote:

>Here are some general thoughts on the project. If you find them heretic,
>well, so do I.
>* We have to support X.

Maybe. My Symbolics does support X as client and server.
The server is C code (slow). I rarely use the X server.
The client code runs on multiple windowing systems -
including X.

>* We cannot re-implement X from scratch.

This is true for a lot of other software. How
would you deal with that. How does the Java
community deal with that?

>* Build it on top of a Unix kernel?

Please - as few Unix as possible. I prefer **no** Unix.
I'd like to see Lisp as a systems programming language.

>Yes, such a hybrid system would be rather bloated,

To bloated for my taste. *If* you like to start with
Unix I would prefer a clear strategy to get rid of Unix.
But it would be difficult.

So, what *is* the User Interface for LispOS? A native
windowing system? Elegant and easy to use?

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