Lisp/CLOS Programmer wanted at Nichimen Graphics

Luca Pisati
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 17:05:39 -0700

Sorry for the posting, which, I know, is not related to the
discussion of the LispOs goup.

Since the company I work with is currently looking for
good Lisp/CLOS programmers/software designers, we decided to
post this offer.

I hope to find interested people on this mailing list,
since at Nichimen we produce a commercial computer
graphics application fully in Lisp (Allegro), running
both on Silicon Graphics and Windows NT.

Our product is a direct derivation of what used to be the
S-Products (one of the first commercial computer graphics
applications ever), running on Symbolics.

In many ways, our development is very close to some of the
ideals expressed in this mailing list. We have a full
Lisp environment, a CLOS/MOP based proprietary user interface,
and a fully object oriented graphical environment.

We are looking for programmers/software designers, with
high interest in object oriented technology, to work
on our next major release.

Two are the kind of people we are mostly interested to:

1) Lisp/CLOS programmers with experience in graphics

2) Software designers/implementors, interested in working
   on software structures and frameworks, and extending
   the possibilities offered by CLOS.

Candidates do not need to be currently working in US but
will need to relocate to Los Angeles.

This is the official job post:

Lisp/CLOS Programmer

Nichimen Graphics provides leading-edge tools for the video
game industry. We are expanding our development staff and
looking for a strong Lisp/CLOS programmer. Experience with
Unix, Windows NT and Allegro CL are strong pluses.

Knowledge of 3D graphics is useful but not required. The
programmer will work on N-World, our integrated Lisp-based
3D modelling and animation package and recent winner of a
Computer Graphics World Innovation Award from CGW

Nichimen Graphics is always looking for talented people to
join our growing team. We offer a fast-paced but friendly work
environment, excellent salary and benefits, and an
opportunity to work in one of the most exciting industries in
the world. We make 2D and 3D animation tools for the
interactive entertainment developer market. Our customers
are mainly video game developers. Our product is completely
extensible and totally integrated. 

Our offices are located near the beach in Playa del Rey, only
minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

Check also our Web site:



(310) 577-0577 


Nichimen Graphics
Attn: Bob Coyne
12555 W. Jefferson Blvd. #285
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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