Status of Linux work

P. Srinivas
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 15:50:21 -0600

Hrvoje Niksic writes:
 > "William A. Barnett-Lewis" <> writes:
 > > Like some of the other replies, I'm not working with Linux. What I
 > > am doing is learning the kernel sources for integration with the
 > > Flux tool kit once it's ready.
 > What is the Flux tool kit?
 > A good point pro Linux is that it is widely used, well known, supports 
 > a lot of hardware, and is even becoming ported to a lot of platforms.
 > It also has good performance.

It also has too much of baggage, it is bloated. I recomond GNU/Linux
for everyday use any time for the reason you mentioned. But not for
developing a LISPOS. It is better to start something clean and fresh.