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Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 11:31:49 -0700

> I would advise starting simple & _small_, and don't start out trying


> Memory management means both internal and external (disk?) memory
> management.  Some sort of persistent OO system for disk would be nice to
> aim for, but somehow it has to interact nicely/cleanly with the internal
> memory system.  You all might have a look at Peter Bishop's PhD thesis,
> in which he discussed such issues.  Multics had a 'memory-mapped' file

This is correct.  I am close to starting to deal with the
interaction of persistent memory with transient (non-persistent) memory.
I'll take this oppportunity to make a very important observation:
Doing this right requires a garbage collector!
Other existing C++ persistent system can't use GC, and so are left
having to require the programmer deal with this really
low-level stuff, which if done incorrectly (easily) can crash/corrupt everything.

I'd like to look at Peter Bishop's thesis, can you give me more