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Bill House bhouse@dazsi.com
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 16:17:53 -0700

>[snip a perfectly wonderful rant, that ended with]
> If we fight the battle on ALL fronts, we might actually change the
> course of the computer industry.
>     But again, if we focus on good code and clean design instead of
>     then we shall overcome.
> I think you are wrong.  Moreover, I think Symbolics, Thinking Machines,
> and Xerox -prove- you are wrong.  Good code and clean design, despite the
> best wishes of you and me and millions of other people, simply does -not-
> seem to be enough.
> As much as I hate the twisted world of marketing, I think it is a game
> we have to play in order to win in the Industry.

Agreed. I like your style and realism -- it's a rare combination. 

Bill House
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