Andrew J. Blumberg
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 23:31:45 -0500

>>   Ah, sorry but the NIL name was taken years ago. It's a version of
>> Lisp that only ran on some forgotten machine. (Vaxes running VMS?
>> Something useful like that.)
>Well, if it's a forgotten machine, that nobody uses anymore,
>and a name that no one defends, then we can take it.
>Of course, we shall make appropriate acknowledgements were needed,
>and contact the authors for their agreement (anyone knows who to contact?).
>   The ``NIL'' counterpart to ``GNU'' looks like too good a hack to me
>to be left without a fight. After all, I'm sure that the acronyms
>``SILK'', ``LVM'', and more, also have already been used somewhere
>in computer software. Well, if we want a TLA for our project,
>we'll have to fight anyway (See the jargon file for more about TLAs ;-).

to quote from gabriel's "Performance and evaluation of Lisp systems" (a
book which is a useful resource of implementation information, albeit a bit

'NIL (New Implementation of Lisp) was done at MIT for the Vax family of
computers.  Originally designed as the first modern Lisp dialect on stock
hardware after the development of Lisp-machine Lisp at MIT, it went on to
become one of the main influences on the design of Common Lisp'

appropriating this seems rather lame. . . and why all the fuss about names?
we need code.

								- andrew