LispOS directly on hardware or on Unix kernel?

Fare Rideau
Thu, 1 May 1997 04:02:27 +0200 (MET DST)

>>: Chris Bitmead
>: Rainer Joswig

>>Why all this talk of re-implementing Unix utilities in lisp and
>>translating C code into lisp code?
> Most of the "Unix" utilities are pretty useless, IMHO. I'd like
> to get rid of Unix as much as possible. It is basically
> a model of how one should not do it.
Indeed, we shall *eventually* get rid of it.
But until we are able to, why make without them,
whenever they are expedient?
And even then, a successful OS will need talk with all the legacy protocols,
and free un*x sources can prove a valuable capital to reuse.
In any case, all this is sure no priority,
so until we get the essentials,
let's use whatever is expedient for these details, whether C or LISP.

>>the apps I want. LispOS will be in a worse situation. Let's keep the
>>ability to run UNIX and X programs.
> I don't need that. If I want to run Unix, I can use one
> of our Slowlaris machines.
Not everyone of use has many machines to choose from.
Most LispOS users will have only one machine,
so until the happy times when LispOS can really do everything,
keeping the ability to run On Top Of Posix will be great.

> I would like a machine without the baggage of technology
> that was outdated ten or even twenty years ago.
You're preaching the converted.

> I mean, put a SmallTalk or a Lisp Machine
> side by side with a Unix-system. This is real tragic. Something
> most have been going wrong in a big way.
Yes, and among these, proprietary software and hardware.
Let that never ever happen again.

>>And IF in 5 years time, LispOS is so successful that you don't need
>>UNIX compatibility any more, well then you can purge it out.
> Sigh, not earlier?
The LispEnv project in CommonLISP might be ready in one or two years.
The SILK project for a 100% Lispy system might take more time.
And if you want a fully Reflective architecture like Tunes,
I'd be happy if it's there in 5 years.

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