Fare Rideau
Thu, 1 May 1997 04:57:41 +0200 (MET DST)

>>[About RMS's GNU]
>   Respect yes. Repeat, no.
Agreed, and I've specifically said ``respect'' and not ``repeat''.
Nobody's talking about yet another free Unix project.
On the contrary, referring to the elder Free Software project
will allow us to not have to repeat the free software concepts,
only name them.

>>[...] time for the complementary project to GNU to appear. [...] NIL,
>>which stands, of course, for ``NIL IS LISP''.
>>Maybe it's time that we write the NIL Manifesto, in answer to GNU?
>   Ah, sorry but the NIL name was taken years ago. It's a version of
> Lisp that only ran on some forgotten machine. (Vaxes running VMS?
> Something useful like that.)
Well, if it's a forgotten machine, that nobody uses anymore,
and a name that no one defends, then we can take it.
Of course, we shall make appropriate acknowledgements were needed,
and contact the authors for their agreement (anyone knows who to contact?).
   The ``NIL'' counterpart to ``GNU'' looks like too good a hack to me
to be left without a fight. After all, I'm sure that the acronyms
``SILK'', ``LVM'', and more, also have already been used somewhere
in computer software. Well, if we want a TLA for our project,
we'll have to fight anyway (See the jargon file for more about TLAs ;-).