NIL (was Re: goals of LispM, etc.)

Chris Bitmead uid(x22068)
Thu, 01 May 1997 13:15:37 +1000

>> Keep the goals of the project a little fluid.  What you really want
>> are a whole host of overlapping goals and tools -- e.g., you want Lisp
>> interpreters, Lisp compilers, Lisp editors, Lispy syntax for C, etc.
>> The goal should be to use Lisp _ideas_ more than a particular Lisp
>> environment.
>Well, again, that's where I really see two projects
>even in this mailing list (with lispvm, that's three):
>1) some want a CommonLISP-based environment so that a last
> we can manipulate all our user-level stuff using a same real language.
>2) others (like me) want a Lispy architecture as a clean basis
> to found a computer system upon.

Maybe the answer is to build a lispOS that can run on both UNIX and
stand-alone. Those of us who like to use Unix apps too can do
that. Those who feel the need to hack device drivers and vm systems
and so on can do that too. But make as much as possible able to run on
UNIX/X for those of us who don't want to throw out their current apps.

Those who don't mind starting from scratch can do that too.