Web-Lisp? Oh no!

Richard Coleman coleman@math.gatech.edu
Thu, 01 May 1997 05:18:58 -0400

> Alas. The tough question is how to we proceed? I think that's what
> we've all been asking ourselves, here on this list. There are technical
> issues, but the matter of the general direction we take is as much
> a marketing issue as a purely technical one. Are we creating a LispOS
> just for ourselves, or do we want a commercial product, one that will
> perhaps convince the world that Lisp Means Business (and not just
> for vertical markets, either).

Let's do it just "Because We Can" and because it is an interesting
project.  If we start thinking about markets and such, we run the
risk of outguessing ourselves.

If we can develop something that will be useful and productive (which
many here believe possible) then the rest will follow.  Since if
it is useful to us, it will be useful to others...

Richard Coleman