Henry G. Baker
Thu, 1 May 1997 07:57:29 -0700 (PDT)

> > Now, I believe it's time for the complementary project to GNU to
> appear.
> > In reference to its elder free software project, I think set of all
> > LispOS related free software projects should be given the generic
> name NIL,
> > which stands, of course, for ``NIL IS LISP''.
> > Maybe it's time that we write the NIL Manifesto, in answer to GNU?
> The name is great. It was used, BTW, in late 70's at MIT as a name of a
> Lisp implementation, an acronym for "New Implementation of Lisp".

'NIL' is also the older name for a language later called 'Hermes'
developed at IBM Yorktown.  It was designed for real-time/distributed
systems, and utilized 'unique'/'linear' types.  It had some very
interesting characteristics, and it should not have gone to such an
ignominious death.

IBM used to have a unix implementation of Hermes available for
download from their web site, but I haven't checked in years.

Henry Baker
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