SilkScript example

Paul Prescod
Fri, 02 May 1997 00:09:28 -0400

Mike McDonald wrote:
>   The problem with using a web browser as the only front end to a
> machine is that it is page oriented. Let's take your example of
> running a single stepper via a browser. I'm at some point in single
> stepping thru my code. So I have some amount of output displayed on my
> browser, along with the debugger controls. So I hit the "step" button.
> That request gets sent to the LispM, which interprets it, steps the
> programs, captures the output, and sends an ENTIRE new page for my
> browser to display, almost all (except the last line!) is a repeat of
> what's already being displayed. 

HTML is page oriented, but modern browsers are not. The emerging Web
interface to interactive processes is the JVM, which is why the "other
half" of the LispOS project must be about delivering Lisp as JVM
bytecodes for interactive user interfaces.

 Paul Prescod