LispOS: LispEnv or Tunes?

Rainer Joswig
Sat, 3 May 1997 00:42:22 +0200

At 20:00 Uhr +0100 2.5.1997, Cyber Surfer wrote:
>At 13:39 01/05/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>But if you change the web server to dynamically generate HTML and GIFS
>>with tight and fast execution in the server,
>>then you can do a whole lot more.
>That's what some of us have been doing. ;-) Unfortunately, it's being
>done with tools like Metahtml, CFML, SQL, etc. Tight and fast execution
>with (not _in_) the server is possible by using dynamic linking for CGI.
>Perhaps this isn't so common for Unix, but Metahtml is for Unix.

CL-HTTP does this, too. Just see the contributed code.

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