file systems and vm machines]

Rainer Joswig
Sat, 3 May 1997 01:01:19 +0200

At 13:13 Uhr +1000 2.5.1997, Chris Bitmead uid(x22068) wrote:

>For example, part of the mail subsystem might be a list of users, each
>with a hash-table of mail articles, and there might be a global hash
>table of aliases. To get a mail article by subject you might go...
>(mail-by-subject "*LispOS*" (users-mail "Chris Bitmead" (mail *root-dir*)))
>The code to send a piece of mail to all aliases might be...
>(defun send-mail (mail address) 
>    (map-car post-a-piece-of-mail 
>       (map-car equal? (mail-aliases *root-dir*) address))

See the mail-archive example of CL-HTTP. The server
exports mail archives to the web.

>But to start implementing all these state-of-the-art LispOS style
>apps, you need this OO file system in place.

Just an persistent object store.

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