Flux toolkit as LispOS base

Rainer Joswig joswig@lavielle.com
Sat, 3 May 1997 02:22:00 +0200

At 18:45 Uhr -0500 2.5.1997, Tim Pierce wrote:

>Here is what Arthur's response means to me: if our initial

>approach is to link a Unix kernel with a Lisp interpreter

Better avoid the word "interpreter" these days, when

most of the people are using optimizing Lisp compilers.

>> As someone mentioned, it is difficult to get started writing code

>> with a persistent object system when you don't have one.

>> However, ACL has a "dumplisp" capability that saves the state of

>> an entire Lisp process.  So transient CLOS objects can be saved this


>Neat!  Can Franz contribute Allegro source to help make this


This no rocket science. Most Common Lisp systems can save

a process state. Genera can do it incrementally with

the possibility to optimize the disk layout of the saved world

for faster access later on.

This stuff is highly implementation specific...

In MCL I do: (save-application "ccl:mcl" :init-file "init2").

Heiko Kirschke has written a freely available object store for ACL

and LW.

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