Project list
Sat, 3 May 1997 13:15:57 -0500 (CDT)

> Speaking of GNU.  I think one thing that would greatly benefit the long-term
> viability of this project would be a manifesto, a creed to rally behind.
> Why ARE we involved in a project to do a LispOS.  My feeling is that we
> see all the problems that have been spawned by C and other inferior 
> languages and we want to replace the OS and the basic tenets of OS design,
> from the ground up, using a better, more flexible, more adaptable 
> substrate, Lisp.
> Anyone volunteering to work on a manifesto?

I'll happily work on a manifesto, but I need to know what manifesto
everyone will agree upon.  Everytime I look in my mailbox I see
dissenting opinions as to how/what we should do.  If I'm going to
try to write a manifesto, I need something that everyone will
agree upon, and frankly the only manifesto I can think of that
I think everyone could agree to would be something that describes
that our eventual goal is to make a "Really Cool Lisp System",
where "System" is used in the most general sense.  Not much
of a manifesto is it?

Frankly, I'm just twiddling my thumbs and waiting for when a
decisive course of discussion will begin.  I'm not picky.
I like a lot of what I'm seeing, both from the persepctive
of a really nice lisp support environment, to a lisp system
from the ground up, and I'm willing to go in either direction
provided that there is a direction to go in.  So far there isn't
one that I can see.

> -Jordan Henderson