Running Unix programs under LispOS

Bill House
Sat, 3 May 1997 12:54:53 -0700

Marcus G. Daniels wrote:
BH> The Cygnus toolset (which I've just D/L'd and am trying to get going
BH> for the sake of reviewing Kaffe) is an enabler for Phase 3, where the
BH> hapless programmer attempts to recreate their former environment
BH> under Windows.
>beta18 will be released very soon now, with a lot of improvements and
>fixes.  I think it is going to have a InstallSheld thingey.

Considering my overall history of success as a wit, I just figured I'd better
clarify that I did NOT mean that to knock the Cygnus tools at all. On the
contrary, if not for the free software that is available, I don't see how much
of what's being discussed here is even possible. In fact, in my case, the
toolset is a huge enabler of access to free software like Kaffe. That's hugely

Nevertheless, the Windows environment can spoil you in some respects, and easy
installation is one. Of course, configuration management and overall stability
are not, but that's another thread. It may be early, but (IMO) LispOS ought to
plan on providing easy installation and integration, regardless of
stultification. <g>

Bill House
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