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>   Mail reader: use clim (OK, you have an excuse for the moment. I'll
> do my best to get a reasonable subset out real soon now!) Start
> thinking about what a mail reader should do. (An awful lot of it
> doesn't have anything to do with the UI.)

I'm currently writing a GUI mail program in Perl/Tk.  (Using Perl/Tk because 
it didn't make me quite as sick to the stomach as Tcl/Tk did.)  It is object 
oriented and should port fairly well since I tend to write as if I were 
working in Lisp anyway.  I'll probably continue to work on that until y'all
are at the point where I can learn from my mistakes in the Perl/Tk version and 
reimplement it in lisp using clim (which should be easier becuase clim is much 
higherlevel than Tk, even with the object oriented interface from Perl).

Oomph (Object Oreiented Mail Processor/Handler) is designed to support MIME 
from the bottom up and uses oo-techniques to generalize concepts like "mail 
folder", "mail message" etc. in order to support everything from babyl files 
to imap to multipart/digest.  Inspiration comes from systems as diverse as
LispM Zmail, Eudora, Exmh, and Cyberdog.  The "design document" is in my head
and is evolving as I go along.  I'll not only need a working clim, but I'll
also need a working Lisp-based editor that is capable of being embedded in
clim.  Who's going to take that on?


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