Reimplement TeX in Lisp? I think not...

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Sat, 03 May 1997 16:10:00 -0500

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> I think that there is something very wrong with an operating system
> requires new applications to be "compiled" to the language that the
> operating system is written in just to run.

Absolutely.  However, I feel that if someone wants to spend their time 
reimplmenting TeX, the only real harm is that their time might be useful 
working on something that matters to me.  Of course, if they're very 
interested in a Lisp version of TeX and are unwilling to work on anything 
else, I wish them luck and hope it works.

Someone else may feel the same way about my interest in writing a Lisp based 
mail reader since they want something that has Unix underneath and therefore 
are willing to use one of the Unix mail programs.


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