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Sat, 3 May 1997 19:55:58 -0500 (CDT)

> > I'll happily work on a manifesto, but I need to know what manifesto
> > everyone will agree upon.  Everytime I look in my mailbox I see
> > dissenting opinions as to how/what we should do.  If I'm going to
> > try to write a manifesto, I need something that everyone will
> > agree upon, and frankly the only manifesto I can think of that
> > I think everyone could agree to would be something that describes
> > that our eventual goal is to make a "Really Cool Lisp System",
> > where "System" is used in the most general sense.  Not much
> > of a manifesto is it?
> I think that a popular viewpoint is:

[Snip -- list of popularly accepted goals]

Ok, with this in mind I will volunteer to write the manifesto if
no one has any objections.  It won't be particularly long and
will be predicated on what you wrote.  

If there are no objections to my writing it, then how would it
sound for me to post it to this mailing list in text format for
suggestions, critcisms, etc...?  

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