pathnames [Re: files, printers, etc. [Re: The feel of a LispM/List of running machines]]

Harvey J. Stein
Sun, 4 May 1997 10:58:39 +0300 writes:
 > A URL contains 4 parts:
 > 	protocol
 > 	hostname
 > 	path
 > 	filename

Nope.  According to the appropriate RFCs it has something like 9
parts.  It looks something like this:


I don't remember exactly - I have neither my code for parsing it nor
the RFC in front of me.  The two things I'm fuzziest on are the
separator character that's used between the username and the password,
and whether or not queryargs preceeds anchor.

And, there are all sorts of rules for parsing it to deal with things
like what it means if two "#"s appear.

Not to mention various defaults for missing fields.

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research