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Paul Prescod
Sun, 04 May 1997 22:21:32 -0400

I was going to provide a point by point rebuttal to one of the posts
about a C->Lisp compiler but I realized that it is a waste of time. If
anyone gets enough of the Unix API up and running to allow a
C->Lisp->Binary compiler to compile TeX (or whatever), then someone will
use it to compile GCC. The C Library and Unix API can be provided
through a simple wrapper on top of the library that runs TeX. As long as
LispOS can run platform-binaries at all, then the GCC port can use the
existing GCC backends to produce the binaries. The runtime system will
not know or care if they were originally written in C, Lisp or COBOL. In
my mind, a C->binary compiler for LispOS with a Unixish library is
an inevitable consequence of a C->Lisp compiler and the C->Lisp compiler 
is just a distraction along the way.

 Paul Prescod