Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, I'm a Man of Wealth and Taste...

C. H. Graham
Mon, 5 May 1997 01:22:07 -0400

Well, taste anyway... but seriously...

I am currently an independent consultant. I hope to be able to make some
contribution in one or the other of these projects.

I've been trying to catch up on the postings to the Lisp VM and Lisp OS
mailing lists - a lot of good ideas to be found therein (Flux OS Toolkit,
object-oriented file system, ubiquitous reflection, the AgentBase VM, etc).

Precisely because there have so many interesting ideas and alternatives (in
both projects), I am *most* interested in hearing about how each project is
going to be organized and administered. I, for one, would certainly like to
see initial and interim design specifications, explicitly identifying and
dealing with each design dimension (persistence, concurrency, security,
interoperability, etc., etc.).

Of course, one wants to build consensus - first on the "what" and then on
the "how" - and regularly distributing (and receiving) such a specification
would allow any interested party to state their case and also register
their vote, on a per-item basis. Then the steering committee (for each
project) can make the informed executive decision.

By the way, I also feel it worthwhile (in a manifesto, perhaps) to state
which industry niches the projects' results are going to fill, how the
projects are going to promulgate Lisp, and indeed in what fashion shall
this software be "killer".

    Chris Graham