Still more License issues

Dwight Hughes
Mon, 5 May 1997 01:24:33 -0500

Ok Fare, I've actually sat down and carefully read the GPL
and LGPL (thank you so much for that entertaining interlude
-- I HATE reading legal documents). I'm still not totally
happy about it (except for the part against patents - I like
that; software patents are one of my favorite soapbox topics,
and not something you want to get me started on).

I guess it's my small-town-USA upbringing showing -- my 
gut reactions often tend toward idealism and fair play in 
spite of the vast evidence to the contrary. The FreeBSD/CMUCL
style licenses are my preference but not my religion. The 
GPL/LGPL should be ok for us also. However, the issue of 
stirring together the assorted license requirements under 
the more restrictive GLP/LGPL remains.

-- Dwight