Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Mon, 05 May 1997 00:07:27 -0700

> Object level locking is also very fast and efficient. It is also

Please explain how, in a way that requires no source code change
(i.e. look at all your source code for which objects are used]

> Concurrency isn't the issue. False locking problems and false
> deadlocks are the issue.
> What you gonna do if someone "accidently" has a lock on an object they
> don't care two hoots about?

You wait until they release it.  
If deadlock is detected (you have lock they need, they have lock you
need) you abort the transaction for one process.
These are all concurrency performance issues, not semantic ones.
The waiting and restarting slow you down.  there is never a problem
for a single processes system.